MVDream: Multi-view Diffusion for 3D Generation

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We propose MVDream, a multi-view diffusion model that is able to generate geometrically consistent multi-view images from a given text prompt. By leveraging image diffusion models pre-trained on large-scale web datasets and a multi-view dataset rendered from 3D assets, the resulting multi-view diffusion model can achieve both the generalizability of 2D diffusion and the consistency of 3D data. Such a model can thus be applied as a multi-view prior for 3D generation via Score Distillation Sampling, where it greatly improves the stability of existing 2D-lifting methods by solving the 3D consistency problem. Finally, we show that the multi-view diffusion model can also be fine-tuned under a few shot setting for personalized 3D generation, i.e. DreamBooth3D application, where the consistency can be maintained after learning the subject identity.


Multi-view Score Distillation

Our multi-view diffusion model can be applied as a 3D prior to 3D Generation with Score Distillation.

Example generated objects

MVDream generates objects and scenes in a multi-view consistent way.

Flying Dragon, highly detailed, breathing fire
Viking axe, fantasy, weapon, blender, 8k, HD
mecha vampire girl chibi
higly detailed, majestic royal tall ship, ...
a cute fluffy dog, 4K, HD, raw
Gandalf smiling, white hair, ...
Additional Examples

Comparison Results

We collected 40 prompts from different sources to compare with other text-to-3D methods. A fixed default configuration is used for all prompts without hyper-paramter tuning with threestudio.






an astronaut riding a horse

baby yoda in the style of Mormookiee

Handpainted watercolor windmill, hand-painted

Darth Vader helmet, highly detailed

Full Test Results


MV DreamBooth

Like Dreambooth3D, multi-view diffusion model can be trained with few-shot data of the same subject for personalized generation with a much simpler strategy.

Left: "Photo of a [v] dog"

Photo of a [v] dog
Photo of a [v] dog jumping
Photo of a [v] dog sitting on a rainbow carpet
Photo of a [v] dog sleeping
Additional Results


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